Sisters Of the Circle

" When a critical number of people change how they think and behave, the culture will also, and a new era begins. Women's circles can accelerate humanity's shift to a post-patriarchal era."
       Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen from The Millionth Circle: How To Change Ourselves and The World

You are not alone.

Profound insights can be found during times when you set yourself apart from daily life. Now and again we all need to go into a deep, quiet place to nourish our spirit. Many before us, by pausing and opening their hearts and sharing with others, have entered this place of grace.

This is one such place online. A place where your spirit will be fed as you are taken on a virtual spiritual journey, a respite from your daily concerns, to discover more of who you are.  Come visit with us. Consider your place in the world.

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Virtual Retreats for Self Discovery and Spiritual Exploration

What does the circle symbolize?
The circle is an object of nature, defining boundary and enclosure. It is a symbol of framework we use to understand and describe our world. The circle is also a symbol for completion, returning cycles, as well as unity and infinity, without beginning or end.

What is our purpose here?
Retreats set the scene for a contemplative, timeless state of being.  Our purpose with this virtual retreat site is to create those pockets of peace and power that are the natural outcome of us discovering who we really are. We're not just daughter and wife and mother and girlfriend and boss and employee and teacher and student. We are also a stand alone entity that is powerful in her independence. And together we can be more powerful than alone if we choose. To those who choose, we welcome you into the Sisters Of The Circle.

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